4 Great Home Features Not to Overlook When Buying Your Next Home

By badmin March 1, 2017

Buying a home is very exciting and buyers often have a wish list of things that they know they want in their next home. Things like a master bathroom or eat-in kitchen, enough closet space and a finished basement often top the list. Here are some features that people don’t often think about that can really change the quality of your life in your new home.

1. An attached garage. While many people rarely even put their car in the garage, on a snowy day or when there is a downpour of rain, an attached garage is a fantastic feature. Even if you only use your garage for storage, an attached garage is a great place for recyclables and trash cans to be kept. Rather than having to go outside to bring out the trash, having it in your attached garage can make your life so much easier.

2. Doors off the kitchen to your backyard or deck. I had to experience this one to understand it’s value. Once I had it, I was not willing to give it up with my next home purchase. Having direct access from your kitchen to your yard or deck is great for year round grilling and in the summer, it allows you to feel as though you have an extra room in your house. If your set up is right, it may even feel like an outdoor kitchen.

3. Some type of awning at your front door. This is another bad weather feature. Imagine a guest standing at your front door in the rain or fumbling with your keys in a downpour…enough said.

4. An entryway that is tile or separate from your living room. Also most appreciated in bad weather, wood floors do not do well with the elements. Salt from a snow day or even wet shoes from rain can mess up a wood floor quickly. Having a tile entryway or at least a space separate from your living room for shoes can remove the annoyance of having to constantly clean the floor to prevent damage.