Don’t Overlook These Important Things In Your Home Sale Preparation!

By fran-lichtman March 26, 2019

Happy Spring!  While spring is now officially here, in the real estate market it has been “spring” for 2 months.  As quickly as nice homes are hitting the market is as quickly as they are going into Attorney Review.

If you are planning to sell this year it can be overwhelming when it comes to preparing for the market. You may ask yourself “What are the most important fixes? What are the most important upgrades? What can I do on a budget?”  We offer a SELLER’S GUIDE  – Check it out!

In summary, here are the simple fixes along with one of the more major concerns.

  1. Repair any leaks or evidence of past leaks on a wall or ceiling.
  2. Repaint any rooms that are in need or have dark, strong colors. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams will highlight the most popular color choices on their websites.
  3. **IMPORTANT If your basement takes in water this can be the biggest deal breaker for a buyer. Call in a waterproofer. Contact us for resources. This may not be the least expensive situation however it will keep your sale from falling apart!
  4. Get rid of ALL CLUTTER. Rent a POD if need be to put your excess items into.  Less is definitely more when selling your home. If you have old tattered furniture or pieces that are just too big for a room and you do not plan to take them with you, get rid of them and allow our stager to bring in a few furniture items, pillows and wall hangings.
  5. Hire a cleaning service… an immaculate home goes a long way when it comes to showings. This includes hiring a window washer.
  6. On the exterior, clean up the property. Get rid of dead bushes and apply mulch to beds.
  7. Clean gutters.

These are some of the basics that go into preparing your home.  We are also happy to offer a mini home inspection prior to putting your home on the market.  This will allow you to know in advance what issues may come up during the inspection period.  It can go a long way in terms of reducing stress!