Sometimes You Just Need A Break: Our Top 4 Fun & Easy Getaways

By fran-lichtman June 26, 2019

While we love living here and all that these towns offer, sometimes we just need to get away. So although it may sound odd, one of things we love most about living here is how easy it is to get away. Depending upon our mood, time and money these are things we do most often:

  1. Hop the Midtown Direct Train to Penn Station. This can be for dinner, a show, a quick visit with a friend, a museum or whatever NYC is offering at that particular moment. It can be an evening, a day trip or even an overnight. Easy access to NYC is definitely a perk to living here.
  2. Go to the Beach. The Jersey Shore is just a quick ride from our house. Our favorite town is only an hour away and there are several places even closer. Sometimes we go for the day and sometimes we stay overnight. In any event it’s an easy escape and we take advantage of it every summer.
  3. Visit Philadelphia. When we want to go a bit further, we drive to Philly.  We could do this by train but prefer to drive. We typically arrive in time for dinner, spend the night in a hotel near Reading Market and leave early the next day. Being native NYers, visiting Philly feels like more of a get away than NYC. It’s an easy quick trip and a perfect break from our usual routine.
  4. Hop a flight from Newark Airport. We have an International Airport just 20 minutes from our house. Yes, we could go anywhere. For a quick break though we choose San Juan, Puerto Rico where we can maximize our time away. Catch an early flight and have lunch by the pool. 4 nights in San Juan is a really nice getaway.

What are you favorite easy getaways?