How To Get a Home in Today’s Competitive Market Without Overpaying

By badmin May 11, 2018

There are a lot of buyers looking for homes right now and most people don’t want to do work. Life is busy, it can be difficult to find a good contractor and even if you do, it can get expensive and you have to live through it. So it’s understandable that many people want to move right in and not have to do anything or at least not have to do anything right away. And let’s face it, that great looking kitchen is hard to resist.

The truth is that the houses that are completely done and have a sense of style go in bidding wars, that’s not news. And this is typically also true for the houses that need a lot of work too. End users and investors often compete for the fixer uppers because they think that this is where they will get the greatest return for their investment. But what about the houses that fall somewhere in between?

We think that this is where the opportunity really lies. The house that has great space, which is in a great location and has been well maintained by people who have lived there for 20 plus years. The home where the couple who wants to move on raised their children and maybe just doesn’t show in the most stylish way but has the space and potential.  If you can look past the flooring that you don’t like and the kitchen that isn’t exactly of your dreams but has the room you need, you can get a house without overpaying.  There is generally not enough upside for an investor here.  For the homeowner though, once you make the changes, you’ll have equity in your home almost immediately.

Think about it for a minute. How much does it cost to lift old carpet and redo floors? How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom. Is it worth the bidding war on a place that is already priced higher because these things have been done? We can’t answer that for you, we can only suggest that you consider it.