Post Labor Day Market

By maryellen September 14, 2021

Sales have dropped for 2 consecutive months which has signaled that the superhot market has cooled down at least to some extent. We are seeing some houses that are perhaps priced too aggressively sitting on the market for a few weeks before getting an offer. This is new! 

While this slight slowdown is a welcomed sign for some, we are very sure that the buyer demand will remain strong for the foreseeable future. With people ending their long awaited summer vacations and kids going back to school, we are expecting to see a renewed focus on home purchases.

As the state slowly moves forward in our Covid recovery with additional people getting vaccinated, tested etc., more and more people will become comfortable with putting their homes on the market. This will contribute to the stabilization of prices and will stimulate more buyers to begin their search. 

As a matter of fact, 2022 is expected to bring a nice increase in the number of homes sold as compared to what 2021 numbers will be. The market is expected to be strong as people continue to put great emphasis on the value of home ownership and the importance of what a home represents in terms of space, privacy and security for their loved ones.