Rolled Ice Cream: As much fun to watch them make it as it is to eat it (well almost)

By badmin May 21, 2017

With the weather warming up, I bet I am not alone when I think about ice cream. Have you tried rolled ice cream yet? Our son was fascinated by the concept so we checked it out a few weeks ago. It’s almost as much fun to watch them make it as it is to eat it.

They pour the liquid base on a frozen metal griddle and then toss in ingredients to create your chosen flavor which then get chopped and mixed and chopped and mixed some more until it’s flattened into a very thin sheet, cut into sections, and rolled. It definitely takes practice to make it right.

My favorite place in our area to get it is Absolute Zero in Montclair. You can try it at Fried Chicken and Ice Cream in Maplewood too. Lines can be long, especially in Montclair, so get there early or be prepared to wait.