Liz & Lauren Henkel-Lorenz

January 2017

Honest Advice, and in Our Experience Always Right

We found Randy and Fran when we first decided to move to Maplewood. After a few initial phone calls, they suggested a top notch mortgage broker to let us know what a good range for us would be and to give us preapproval. A couple months later, (they were super respectful of our timeline and never rushed us) we met with Fran and saw four houses in Maplewood. I am typing this review from the fourth house we saw that day! One of the huge benefits of working with Fran is her experience. She knows the ins and outs of the process so well. She is able to really listen and also give honest advice, and in our experience, she was always right. She knows so much about Maplewood and the market there, and truly was able to find us the perfect home! We were so impressed with the Lichtman-Rabney Group from start to finish! Also, Fran has the best recommendations: our mortgage team was fabulous, our lawyer was excellent, our floor refinisher did a beautiful job. She only recommends the best of the best! I’m a teacher, so classroom analogies are my favorite: In the world of real estate, Fran is like the teacher you hope your kid one day gets. She has figured everything out already–she’s the smartest, most helpful, somehow simultaneously the most calming and exciting person in the room. She works hard and she works smart, and there’s nothing that could happen that she hasn’t already seen! We will always be so grateful for Fran and Randy!!

— Liz & Lauren, Maplewood,