West Orange

About West Orange

West Orange was formed as a township in April of 1863 and consists of 12.2 square miles with a population of over 45,000 people. This township is a 300-year-old multi-faceted, politically active, suburban community whose residents reflect wide variation in income, ethnic backgrounds, education and interest. With a wide array of housing stock ranging from Victorian homes to more modern condo communities, West Orange offers homes that appeal to a variety of tastes and budgets.

The town has eleven schools; seven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school. West Orange is home to South Mountain Recreation Complex which includes the Turtle Back Zoo, and the Richard Cody Arena.

It is also home to Llewellyn Park which is the first gated community in America. It is very private and has about 500 homes within its boundaries. It has been and still is home to many famous people both in business and the entertainment world including Thomas Edison whose home can be visited in Llewellyn Park and is maintained by Edison National Historical Park.

West Orange offers easy access to NYC by car and bus service. There is also free jitney service from certain neighborhoods to the 2 neighboring train stations where residents can catch trains to Hoboken and NY Penn Station.



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