Moving With Children

10 Tips on Helping Children Make a Smooth Transition From One Home to the Next 

These helpful tips are sure to help reduce the stress associated with your child’s move to Maplewood, South Orange, West Orange, Montclair, Milburn or Short Hills. A little pre-planning will go a long way in making your child’s move to Essex County so much easier.

  • Because time is often a difficult concept for younger children, we recommend you make a note the date you’re moving on a family calendar. This way your child is well aware when the big day is going to happen.
  • If you have older children, encourage them to pack their own belongings especially their favorite items. Provide markers, crayons, stickers and labels so they can have fun decorating their own boxes.
  • Document the event by taking lots of pictures or a video of the new home or town. This will help them become familiar with the new surroundings.
  • Create a folder for each child to include brochures about the fun things to do in their new city such as theaters, local attractions, libraries, parks and sports teams.
  • Secure a map from me of the new area. Locate and mark several of the exciting things to do that you have discussed as well as where the new house is located. Most kids love maps.
  • If possible, enroll your child in a weekend activity in your new town before moving so that they can begin to meet people and begin to get comfortable in the new location.
  • To create lasting memories, throw a going-away party and invited your children’s friends. Be sure to include your children in the planning of the event. Create a scrapbook and special address book so their friends can write down their contact information.
  • Another special idea for the party is to purchase a plain T-shirt for your children and ask their friends to sign or write a special message on it.
  • To encourage future correspondence, give each of your child’s friends a pre-stamped postcard addressed with your new address. Ask the friends to send a note after your child has moved.
  • Take along a special treat for your child on moving day and include a snack bag too.

Kids – Are You Ready to Get Started?

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