Staying Within The Area

Home Sellers Staying in New Jersey

As a home seller who is planning to stay in the area, in some ways your move across town will be a much easier task than someone who is moving here from NYC or from some other area. You have a “leg up” in the market because you already live here.

These are some of the obvious reasons:

  • You know the “lay of the land”
  • You’re familiar with current real estate market conditions and home values
  • If schools are important, you already know where you want your kids to attend school
  • You’re connected with the community by virtue of your lifestyle
  • You know the benefits to living in this area (outstanding small town environment close to NYC amenities)
  • Easier, less costly move (long distance moves are costly, more complex, and stressful too)
  • You can pack those belongings that clutter your home and store them in a nearby storage facility until you’re ready to move to your new home.
  • Should you need your home repaired or painted you have access to local resources you probably already know about.
  • You’re familiar with all the great places to eat, where to shop and the great things to do.

All of these factors make selling your home and buying another home here in the area so much more attractive and practical. Of course, if you currently own your home and need to sell it before you buy, that could complicate the process.

Don’t worry, The Lichtman-Rabney Group has done this many times and we can guide you through the process. There are options on how this can be done successfully. Give us at call at (646)734-3718 or (646)734-9077 and we would be happy to stop by and discuss the possible strategies with you.