Resolutions – Feels Like Groundhogs Day!

By maryellen January 12, 2023

Resolutions…. Feels Like Groundhog Day!
by Mary Ellen Dawkins

It’s January and we all have an opportunity for a Fresh Start. I checked back to see what I wrote about last year and it was Resolutions! I didn’t expect to make any progress on my resolutions but let’s see how I did.

Resolution 1 was to Open the Mail every day when it arrived. Did I succeed? Not really. We still have a huge pile of mail that sits in our entry way. I don’t like opening (and paying) bills. This resolution will stay on the list!

Resolution 2 was to Eat More Vegetables. Did I succeed? We definitely ate more greens and salads this past year but  not as many other vegetables as I had hoped. This one also stays on the list.

Resolution 3 was to Worry Less. I think I succeeded on this one, mainly because I have less time to worry about things! 

So let’s keep 1 and 2 on the books, and add a few more:

Waste Less Food – I recently read that 40% of the food produced in the US ends up in Landfills, and that methane produced from discarded/unused food is a bigger cause of global warming than airplane emissions. Think about that! Here are some steps I hope to take:

  • I will shop my pantry more before running to the store.
  • I will cater less to my picky eater – I will try not to worry about having the exact brand of turkey breakfast sausage that my youngest prefers. There are 4 other types of breakfast sausage in the freezer that he doesn’t like as much but he’ll have to eat it. 
  • I will freeze leftovers as soon as possible so they do not go bad.

Make more pollinator-friendly yard space – This has been on my mind for a while and I hope to convince my husband that our front yard would better serve us (us = earth) all if we planted more native plants and create a better habitat for bees, birds and bats. Who needs a perfect grass lawn?  Rutgers has this app to help select plants:

What’s on your list of resolutions this year?