Fran Lichtman


Phone: (646)734-3718


Fran Lichtman Photo

Fran is a top Producing Agent in her company because she is committed to providing her clients with more than just the services offered by Realtors. Her out of the box view of the process of selling real estate allows her to continually come up with new and interesting ways to market new homes. Fran also strives to help clients who are new to the area create community by hosting regular gatherings at her home, allowing like minded people to meet perhaps sooner than they would have otherwise.

Fran was a former Sr. VP Atlantic Records­ Head of the International Division. Fran brings her high level background in sales and marketing to her Real Estate clients. She loves food, wine, travel and to be outdoors in nature. Fran also enjoys spending a quiet evening and cooking dinner in their home. She has been active in her son’s public school.

Fran and her family moved to Maplewood in 2003, from the Upper Westside of Manhattan, and has since sold her home and moved to South Orange. Fran came to the Real Estate business following a successful career in the Entertainment Industry where she was a Senior Vice President at a record label and specialized in International Sales and Marketing. She quickly transitioned her business skills and received recognition in the community.

She loves food, wine, travel and to be outdoors in nature. What Fran enjoys most now is spending a quiet evening, cooking dinner in their home. She is active in the public school attended by their son.